The WFAA currently has a total of
six directors, with four serving in the
capacity of officer. The four officer
positions are: President,
Vice-President, Treasurer and
Secretary. Each director's term of
office lasts for three years.
  2020 Officers

Jon J. Geraci, Sr. '77 - President
Lauren M. (Melton) Muqattash '01 - Vice
Lauren M. (Melton) Muqattash '01 -  
(Interim) Secretary
Joseph Barone '75 - Treasurer
William Floyd Alumni Association
  2020 Board of Directors

Joseph Barone '75
Paul Casciano '70
Ryan Elliott '95
Jon J. Geraci, Sr. '77
Lauren M. (Melton) Muqattash '01
Sandra Pagano '84

Andrew Schildkraut '95
An Incorporated 501c3 Organization
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