William Floyd Alumni Association
An Incorporated 501c3 Organization
This website was designed and is maintained by WFHS alumna Lauren M (Melton) Muqattash
Bylaws: To develop and revise the bylaws of this
organization. Work closely with the Incorporation
committee and confer with them as to legality issues.
Report final bylaws revisions back to the group for
adoption. Co-Chairs: Michael Reichert and Jon Geraci
Outreach: To increase our membership by means of
finding and soliciting Alumni to join our organization.
Fundraising: To come up with ideas and events to help
raise funds for our organization. Investigate various
grants or programs we may be eligible for and apply for
them. Work closely with the Scholarship committee to
help current students complete their educational
dreams. Chair: Lauren Campbell-Reichert
Public Relations: To create an awareness to the public.
Create an Association brochure and other literature.
Develop and maintain a website. Responsible for
submissions to various local media any information to
inform the public of our organization or events. Chair:
Homecoming: To plan our "Grand Opening" event.
Develop an agenda/brochure for the day. Come up with
several ideas to promote our group during this event and
report back to the group. Co-Chairs: Jon Geraci and Jill
Scholarship: To come up with criteria and rules for our
scholarship(s). Work closely with the Fundraising
committee to create a means to raise funds for such
scholarship(s). Chair: Susan Perino